Our mission is to create a personalized interior that will enhance the quality of life for our clients through a meticulous design process, bringing perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

Melva Villanueva

Principal Designer


MVH Design is a residential interior design firm with an eye on eco-friendly and sustainable design solutions that serve the residents of the GTA and surroundings.

Projects range from urban residential to lofts to condos to country retreats. 

In our approach, we work with clients beginning with the first consultation through to the completion of the project whether a small design dilemma or a full renovation. The result is a turn-key design based on a 15 step design process.


Making interior design decisions can be daunting and time consuming.
MVH Design will do the work for you and will bring intelligent, creative design solutions that reflect who you are. Always working with professionalism, integrity and transparency.


At MVH Design, our process is simple and very effective.

We use a 15 step design process which involves 4 major phases.
It all starts with an initial in-home consultation.


Design, style and inspiration for your home.

Lighting Basics

Who can live without light? Without light we could not be able to perceive colour, textures or patterns and more importantly we could not see the space around us and the shapes, forms and lines. Light is one of the most important elements of interior design. There are...

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Interior Design Trends for 2018

Every year the interior design and fashion industry influence a specific trend for the year. Some trends take time, sometimes years, to be accepted by people while other are almost immediately accepted. Here are some trends that I feel will continue to be strong this...

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How to remodel a guest room

Your kids are all gone to college or university or they have just moved on with their lives. You now have a spare bedroom and you can create a guestroom. Your dilemma is, "where to start"? There are so many options in the market, new colours, new trends and you don't...

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